The Old New Apple IPad

07 Mar

Apple IPad

Hi All

As promised, today is the day we look at the Apple IPad! With this review I hope to give an honest, technical and very practical review. So let’s get started.



I am using a 32GB 3G Wi-Fi IPad. I also opted for a black fold cover.

When you buy the product it arrives in a big ugly brown box. I’m sure this is Apples way of being ‘greener’ but it also leaves a fair amount to the imagination. Once you get past the brown box and you tear threw the packaging your eyes land on the beauty within. There, in a small white box hides your brand new iPad.

Once you open up the little white box and you pull out your iPad you begin to see what all the hype is about. This iPad feels good to hold, it has good weight at just 680g, it looks good too, slim and just one big screen. And on the back the iconic half eaten Apple. If you hold the iPad face up all you can see is one big giant black touch screen, and a small circular menu button.

When you turn your new iPad on the display instantly pops on and your iPad is ready to go. This is one of the best features of the iPad, there is no messy information forms to fill in and not many questions asked. If you made the choice to sync with your PC or Mac this makes your iPad even more efficient, as all you settings will be pre set for you. If not, it’s just as fun to do manually.

On the home screen of the iPad there are a few apps, which do most of the general requirements, and some other fun things like photos, music and web browsing. As you use these apps you begin to realize just how fast and powerful this iPad is. It does everything fast and without any glitches or slowdowns. It just works, and hard too.

I also wanted to mention the graphics this LED display is crystal clear and ultra sharp. Everything that an image means to show you will come threw on the iPads display. Although the screen has physical borders, which are not the most modern design, we all know that Apple will soon sort this minor issue out. The iPad is also built with a motion sensor, which recognizes which way you are holding it, and always corrects the orientation to the users eyes. Apple as also spend a large amount of time perfecting their touch screen technology, and I have to say it has paid off, this is the best and most responsive touch screen I have ever used.

I wanted to go threw each of the main apps but I will only mention a few things about each one. The calendar is really very simple yet very powerful and effective. Safari is beautiful all your web browsing is done in style and comfort. Maps are absolutely glorious, it’s sharp quick and easy to use. The iPod on iPad is very similar to iTunes on a PC but does not have the same power as iTunes on a PC. The photos app is a really fun app to use, by pinching, and pulling, you zoom, rotate and play with your photos with great easy and fluidity. And finally Mail, this is my favorite app, it is purely designed for the iPad and works at doing mail brilliantly, it is fast effective and efficient, not to mention rather fun.

I wanted to give the apps store it’s own space as Apple and the rest of the world are app mad! If you are connected to the Internet and can use the apps store you will fall into a world of insanity. There is an app for every conceivable thing, topic or thought. Anything you can think of there is an app built for that topic. This is wonderful for all the app-crazed humans on earth (me included) we can find anything about anything and download an app for it. And this is were I find Apples first problem, they advertise that the apps store has over

140 000 apps available for download, however the iPad is limited to only 220 apps, so there are endless amounts of apps but we can only use 220 on our iPads, seems a bit silly to create all this hype about apps?

ITunes is also a big app, it controls your movie, music and video life, It has all the movies, and music any human could ever need or want, and I thank Apple for such variety. iTunes is also super easy to use, and only designed for countries with high speed Internet. Although we have the availability to download, could you imagine downloading a movie over South African speed Internet? It would be faster and cheaper to get in you car drive to the store and buy the DVD you want, drive home, put it into the DVD player and watch it. It just doesn’t work in countries with slow Internet.

When you get your iPad it comes with an app called IBooks, this amazing little app was built with the future in mind, it is a fully functioning library with millions of books to choose from. Once you open a book and begin to read you actually have to step back and stop, and take a minute to remember that this is a piece of technology. The books are superb, they look and feel real and they have a beautiful fluid motion to them making them feel ultra real, and user friendly. Also one of the best apps available.

However once you get over the magic of this product and you get over the amazing things it can do, and the gimmick aspect of the iPad, you can honestly and harshly review it. The iPad is not a creator it is a media eater. Yes you can watch your movies and listen to your music, play games; waist hours of time in the apps store and browse the web. But you cannot simply use it in an office or work environment, yes you can download Ipages, and Numbers and try to do you office work on the iPad, but it just doesn’t work as easily as a computer would. There is no mouse and editing a document would take hours. Not to mention how difficult it is to set up the iPad to your office printer. The IPad also does not take CDs or USB flash drives, it dose not take memory cards and does not accept all Bluetooth devises. The fact of the matter is, it is not a computer it is a toy, for entertainment. Which I have no problem with but is it for everyone?

After buying my new iPad I loved it dearly until only two days later dear Steve Jobs announced the new Apple IPad2! This was the inevitable blow to all ‘old’ IPad owners. We knew the time would come when the newer better modle would take over. My only question is would you go and by the iPad2 which is also not a creator?


For a more information on the old and new iPad go check out

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