My Top 10 Top Apps for IPad!

08 Mar

My Top 10 Top Applications For IPad

1. Apps Store: This wonderful little app is the ace up Apple’s sleeve without it the Ipad, dare I say, could be boring. This application allows you to download more applications for your IPad. It has a reported 140 000 apps available for download. I love this app because there is no obligation to spend your hard earned cash; there are thousands of free apps, which are just as useful and fun as the expensive apps!

2. IBooks: This app was built for the future, who would have thought carrying thousands of books could be this light! IBooks is a digital library with thousands of books to choose from, just open a book and you can get lost in a world of fantasy or action. When you first read an ibook you will be blown away with the technological advances Apple has made in this department.



3. Mail: The Mail app for Ipad is one of the best apps available; it comes standard with your Ipad, and offers the user a world of power and productivity. This app was built for Ipad and works hard at giving you your emails the way you like it. This app supports every email provider under the sun and is by far the easiest mailer to set up and use.


    4. Safari: We all know and love the internet dearly, and for good reason it keeps us up to date and connected with the world. Apple have built Safari, their answer to the world wide web, it is by far the best browser available and makes sure you are always seeing the web the way it should be seen…. Awesome!



5. Maps: Have you got satellite navigation in your car? Maybe a GPS? If you do, you’re missing out the fun of reading a map. Maps on IPad makes getting lost fun! Apple and Google have hooked up to create an astonishingly powerful satellite navigation system, built for the toughest critics. Touch, drag, scroll, and zoom the earth with your finger tips, it’s a lot more fun than opening an atlas!



6.Music Studio: This app is free for download from the Apps store and is a world of fun and creativity. Weather you are musically inclined, or tone deaf, this app will bring you hours of pleasure. This app is a mini version of Garage Band for your Ipad. You can create music or edit music; you can record music or vocals and play around with them. So if you wish to become the next Lady Gaga or just improve the sound of your voice, this app is for you!

Music Studio


7. Decibels: This app has pretty much no use but is free, and rather fun to play around with. The Decibels app is a sound measuring devise, it tells you how loud something is. Playing games with this app can be rather loud or rather silent, depending on which side of the meter you want to test, try see how loud the world around you is, it’s rather therapeutic!



8. My Food: For all the healthy people in the world this is a great app, for the rest of us, this is a cleaver app. This app is designed to count your calorie intake as you eat. Eat a chocolate bar and see how many calories its worth, then add it to your food diary. At the end of the day you may not eat that chocolate bar again. Depressing and clever at the same time! It’s free so give it a try you might just be slimmer for it.

My Food


9. MB Classic: This is a free app for all the car fanatics out there. This app is designed to tell you all the interesting facts and the history of Mercedes Benz classic cars. It provides video walk trough’s of the museum of cars and fact files for the technical freaks. Lots of fun if you’re into cars, very interesting for the rest of the world. This app is also made for BMW, Jeep, Jaguar and Bentley.

MB Classic

10. Big Fork Little Fork: Finally the last app, which is by no means a slouch. This app is a semi free app, it’s free to download and you can buy recipes as you go. This app makes cooking fun even for the least skilled. Once you have selected a recipe it will give you a step by step picture and written guide of how to cook your selected meal. Even your husband will be cooking just to give the app a try!

Big Fork Little Fork

For more top Apple Apps for Ipad you can check out

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