Beauty and Art of JHB

11 Mar

Hello Everyone

I hope you all have been enjoying my blog so far. A few days ago I was driving in Parktown North on Jan Smuts and on a big black wall was the most creative and stunning art I had seen in a long time. Thus being a young creative new blogger, I pulled the car over and went to go and take some photos.

Blue and Purple

I jumped out of my car and started snapping up the shots. When all of a sudden another car pulls up and a group of young people jump out with spray paint cans. I waited and watch to see what they were about to do. And they were the graffiti artists responsible for this brilliant art. I could not have asked for a better time to pull over for my blog.

I began to chat with a man named Mike from New York city and him and his group of graffiti artists are actually professionals, they are graffiti artists by trade. They vandalize walls as their job. As Mike told me about the sections he had worked on I began to feel inspired that, no matter what your passion is you can make it a real career.

Girl in Gold

Below are some photos of the art work they have done. I have also been invited back in 2 weeks to see other work of theirs in JHB. I can’t wait! Have a look and let me know what everyone thinks.

Girls in Gold

Hip-Hop color

Master of Sound

NY Life


Some of the most creative work I have come across. Look out for my next blog, coming soon.

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One response to “Beauty and Art of JHB

  1. Leah

    March 14, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    This is awesome, wow!


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