St. Patricks Day!

18 Mar

Top of the Mornin to Ya!

Wow what a start to an amazing weekend!

St. Patrick’s Day has become one of my favorite holidays just under Christmas and my Birthday. For all who do not know, St. Patrick was a Christian saint who preached the Christian faith and brought it to Ireland. St. Patrick known by many as St. Paddy, set up many churches in Ireland and ensured the strength of Christianity in Ireland. He was imprisoned in Ireland for 6 years prior to his return and integration of Christianity to Ireland.


St. Paddy also used the Shamrock as a symbol of the Holy Trinity, hence the tradition of wearing green and covering everything in Shamrocks. So let me give you the 411 on St. Patrick’s Day events.

The shamrock

I got St. Patrick’s Day off to an early start, by waking up to an ice cold Guinness, this black frothy beer is Stout, unlike a Larger it is brewed differently. It is very bitter and a rather acquired taste. After getting over my Guinness, I got out all my green clothing and got dressed for a day of celebration. The first place I stopped at was The Linden Irish Club.


The Irish Club has been around for many years since I was a very young lad. They have worked hard to ensure the Irish pride is kept high, and yesterday they achieved their goals. By 10am The Irish Club had set up large white tents, table’s chairs, stages and entertainment areas. The Irish Club had also set up a small area were people could have a mini flea market for most of the morning of St. Patrick’s Day. The actual St. Patrick’s Day festival began at 5pm and then the fun could really begin.


By 7pm the live Irish bands had set up and began to entertain the crowds of people. The Irish Club had created a traditional Irish setting, from the second you stepped into The Irish Club you were greeted by warm, friendly, down to earth people, with big smiles and drafts of Guinness. Once you had taken a seat or found a good place to sit, you could really get into the spirit, by enjoying the delicious food, good music and cold Guinness.


The Irish Club had successfully achieved what they set out to do, create a little Ireland for the community. A ten out of ten effort on owner Mick Desmond’s part.


After my fun at The Irish Club, I headed to the nearest Brazen Head, and wow I was blown away. I knew the Irish were proud of their heritage, but I am sure that South Africans are just as proud too. I went to the Brazen Head near Fourways off William Nicol as I had heard that it was one of the best.


On arrival I was greeted by some friends of mine, who were already far gone into the party, Guinness apparently tastes better with every pint you drink. Once we got into the pub, I was again greeted by multiple people painted or spray painted green. The pub was packed full, and the vibe was alive, the people were friendly and willing to chat and relax with each other, it could have been the fact that majority of the pub was drowning on Guinness, but I would like to believe it was the pride of St. Patrick that pulled us together.


The Brazen Head had created the perfect setting for the traditional Irish Pub; it had the warmth and comfort of an old style pub back in Ireland. It was the perfect ending to a perfect St. Patrick’s Day, or was it?


After enjoying the company of the Brazen Head, I decided to check out Monte Casino in Fourways, apparently they were also enjoying St. Patrick’s Day too. On arrival I was bombarded by a world of green and Shamrock. Monte Casino had created an over the top celebration for the people of JHB, they had leprechauns, music, prizes and a general Irish theme to everything. I did not stay to long, but this support of our dear and beloved St. Patrick warmed my heart. People are still community based and still care about the little things in life.


We live in such a stressful and crime filled country, seeing things like children enjoying a simple family holiday like St. Patrick’s Day, lets me know it is worth fighting for. Driving home from Monte Casino, I drove slow taking in all the beauty of this wonderful day, and at that very moment I knew that was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

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