Rango! Who Are You?

21 Mar

Hello Everyone

I would like to start this post off by saying WOW! I am super tired and need to find a bed.

From St. Patrick’s Day to Thai Birthday parties to TopGear Festivals right up until Rango, I have had a jam packed weekend and I am going to tell you all about it.

On the 18th of March Nickelodeon Movies released one of their first big animation films, “Rango”.

Nickelodeon Movies

Rango is a pet Chameleon (Played by Johnny Depp) on his way to a new home with his owners, they are traveling across the Nevada Desert when they hit a snag and Rango the chameleon is thrown into the desert to fend for himself. We soon learn that the desert is a tough and harsh place for any animal to live let alone a pet chameleon. We also soon learn that Rango is not the toughest chameleon you have ever met.

Blend In

Rango finds himself in a town called “Dirt”. “Dirt” is a tiny; little hick town, with nothing more than wagons and broken old buildings, this town is falling apart, and is currently stuck in a terrible drought. This small town is very set in its ways and is not partial to a stranger in their town. Regardless of the towns perceptions Rango takes the town as it comes. As the movie progresses we learn that the town is in a drought, not because of nature, but rather because someone wants it to be in a drought.

Depp as Rango

Rango being a creative chameleon makes the decision to be the towns sheriff and dedicates his time to finding out the culprits of this crippling drought. We also learn that Rango is not as though as he says he is and most of the time he is just acting the part, and trying to blend in to what the town wants. He is a chameleon and blending is his natural instinct in more than literal terms too.


I titled this post “Rango Who Are You?” because although Rango was a fun animation it was also a very charming and metaphoric story. As the movie develops we learn that Rango is not who he says he is, he is an impostor, trying to win the hearts of the towns people. And this spoke to me very clearly, are we not all trying to adapt to please the world? Blend in so people will like us or say and do certain things so that we seem like we belong? And so my review for Rango is far more than just a simple movie review but it is complex comment of my life and the way we live it. In Rango the movie a towns women asks Rango the question “Who are you?” and that’s when it hit me, at least once in our lives we are going to be asked that question “Who are we?” and will we be prepared to answer honestly or will simple blend in, to sound good?

In conclusion Rango is a wonderful children’s animation and is designed to entertain most ages, but there is way more to Rango than just a simple children’s movie, it is a comment on live and the people on earth. This is a beautiful movie with a gripping storyline. I would recommend it to child and adult alike. If you are looking for entertainment and a take on life, rush to cinemas and book your tickets now!

I give Rango a 9/10 rating; my only negative for this film is that it was slightly long winded, from all other aspects this was a brilliant movie and I recommend you go and see it soon.

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