TopGear Top Festival, I Want My Money Back!

27 Mar

Hello Everyone

I must apologize for the awful long wait for a new post; my internet has been down for several days now and has only come to life this morning.

On the 18th of March a few friends and I went to go and see the “Top Gear Festival”, at kyalami racetrack. My friends and I are all big Top Gear fans and we were all very excited to get our tickets and get ready to see the three showmen entertain us.

For those of you who have been dead, or perhaps berried in a volt under the ground for the last hundred years, Top Gear is the ultimate car show ever; it is hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. These three car maniacs are the final word on any car related topic, they are also highly entertaining and in many ways rather humorous. So when we heard that the three musketeers were planning a giant car show in Johannesburg we were over the moon, and leaped into our cars to go and purchase our tickets.

When we arrived at Computicket, and stood in line like all the other Top Gear fans, we came to a very harsh reality, poor people were not afforded the same opportunity as the rest of the fans, the cheapest ticket that was on offer was R350, and the very top tickets were pushing close to R20 000 a ticket! Yes that number is R20 000, I did not make a mistake. So sorry for all the average Joes who did not have an extra R20 000 burning a whole in their pockets, but granted, you could choose the cheap tickets, and being students we did.

With our cheap tickets in hand and smiles on our faces we were all ready for the “Top Gear Festival”. On the day of the Festival we were all super excited and we knew we were in for a good show.

Kyalami was a crazy place to be, there were thousands of people all in one space, we were all here for the same reason, to see the beautiful cars, and enjoy the entertainment. On arrival Kyalami racetrack had been transformed into a Top Gear world, from super cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche, to practical cars like Audi, Mercedes-Bens and BMW. Top Gear had it all; every conceivable car related thing was on show to be seen. The Kyalami racetrack was a smorgasbord of automotive machinery. It was every petrol heads dream.

At this point I should explain the ticket system, if you were poor like me you bought the cheapest ticket and thus received the smallest part of the show, if you chose to sell your kidney, for the R20 000 ticket you received a fair amount more, like eating a five star meal with the three Top Gear hosts, but since I did not sell my kidney and I did not find any one who had bought the top of the line tickets, I will only tell you about the average mans experience of the “Top Gear Festival”.

The “Top Gear Festival” tickets went in ranks; the more you paid the more of the show you got to watch. This made me rather mad, because it does not seem right to make an average show so exclusive, for example you don’t go the theater and only get to see half the performance because you could not afford a good seat. Even in Shakespearean time this was unheard of, peasants didn’t even get chairs they had to stand, but they still got to see the whole show, so why not the Top Gear show?

If you paid for the cheap tickets you got to tour the entire Kyalami racetrack and you got to see some, of the show, so at least you got some, bang from your buck, but let me tell you not much. Please don’t get me wrong the “Top Gear Festival” at the Kyalami racetrack was phenomenal, however the actual show with our three favorite presenters was less than amazing. The actual show seemed far too rushed and it lacked substance, to be perfectly honest the show was less about cars and more about stunts, monster trucks and pyrotechnics. If I wanted to go to the circus to watch clowns I could have done it for a great deal less.

I love cars, I love to learn, drive and test cars, but the Top Gear show didn’t say much about cars, not to mention the length of the show. The actual Top Gear show was terribly short, it seamed as though it was less than an hour. Unless you could upgrade your ticket that’s all you got, a show that had almost nothing to do with cars and a lot to do with mindless loud entertainment.

To finish my review off, the “Top Gear Festival” was truly amazing, highly entertaining and packed full of fun for any car enthusiast, how ever unless you had the money to buy a decent ticket, you didn’t get much, this makes me rather sad, because I am still a big fan of Top Gear, but rather on my TV than in reality. Would I go again next year? Yes, but not because it was a great show, but because I would like to see if they have improved the quality of their live show. I would have liked to leave this review on a positive note, but the restrictions and rankings of the tickets have left a bad taste in my mouth.

If you went to the TopGear Festival, Tell us what you, think. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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One response to “TopGear Top Festival, I Want My Money Back!

  1. costa

    March 27, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    Thanks Stephen ,that was informative.I must say i also think its crazy that a car show doesnt give you 80% cars and 20% circus tricks.I also follow Top Gear on tv and think its great.As for the price of tickets,ja ! the average joe looses again,they should look at soccer and rugby tickets where the price is affordable ,thats why the stadiums are mostly packed for big games.Any way remember v8 rules.
    Petrol Head


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