Lucky Moo “Yum Yum Chinese Food”

02 Apr

Hi Everyone

As promised I have done my very first food review. As mentioned in “March Top 10” I was going to give “Lucky Moo” Chinese restaurant a try. And so I did.

Lucky Moo "Yum Yum Chinese Food"

“Lucky Moo” Chinese restaurant is situated in Parkhurst, corner 4th and 6th Street. If you are looking for an amazing vibe and conglomerate of restaurants to choose from 4th Street is the place to be. This street is a high pace, jam packed road filled with small furniture boutiques and up-market trendy little restaurants to tickle everyone’s taste buds.

When driving past “Lucky Moo” you could easily mistake it for a full sit down restaurant with waiters and comfortable chairs. However when you get into the store you realize this is a tiny little take away with an urban feel to it. By all means I was shocked, because I too expected a full sized restaurant, however, as shocked I was, I was in no way disappointed.

This poky little shop in Parkhurst is just wonderful you sit on street level and order your food, the vibe of people walking past and cars rolling by only steps from were you are sitting creates an atmosphere of relaxation and a constant source of entertainment. This store is ideal for any one looking to simply take their minds off life.

Once inside you can select a meal from a long list of interesting Chinese foods. From Sushi, to Chow Mien, to Kung Pow, they have it all.  The establishment is very clean and claims to use zero MSG in their food. Being health careful this is very important to us all.

My friend and I decided to order several things on the menu to help give us a good idea of their food quality. My friend ordered a Beef Kung Pow and I a Beef Chow Mien. The Kung Pow arrived on a huge plate with chopsticks and optional knife and fork. It looked creamy and filling. The flavor of this dish was very interesting, it was nothing like anything I have tasted before, it was also really very rich; it had noodles, peanuts, vegetables and a creamy sauce all on one plate. Although it sounds weird it was rather tasty.

Kung Pow

I on the other hand ordered a simple and common Beef Chow Mien. I like to stick to what I know when comparing or trying a new restaurant, this way I can give an accurate idea of the food. My Dish arrived on an equally large plate with chopsticks as well. Usually when you order Chow Mien it comes, over oily and short on meat and vegetables, this Chow Mien was different. It arrived with large helpings of meat and fresh healthy looking vegetables. It looked like a perfect Chow Mien and tasted just as good. It was well spiced and cooked to perfection. The flavor was balanced and subtle, it too had peanuts, which gave it an undertone of nuttiness, but if that is not your thing I am sure you could ask them to leave it out.

Beef Chow Mien

Being open to all flavors we also ordered a two-piece Chicken Spring roll, with sweet chili sauce.  Weather you ordered this as a small meal or as a starter type dish your would have been pleased, it once again had fresh, healthy looking vegetables, it was not over cooked and did not come drenched in cooking oil. It was simple clean and tasty.

Spring Rolls

While waiting for our food to arrive I opened my fortune cookie, the fortune read “Continue doing what is working right” “Lucky Moo” Is doing exactly that, they have found a market for up market Chinese food without the gut wrenching food poisoning. And we love them for that!

For more info on “Lucky Moo” Check out their website,

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2 responses to “Lucky Moo “Yum Yum Chinese Food”

  1. Boledi Tladi

    April 3, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    You monkey! can’t believe you didn’t take me with!

  2. Janice Scheckter

    July 17, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    Hey Stephen – we’d like to invite you to opening of new Lucky Moo in Athol Square. Please send details to



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