Odd Café

20 May

“Greenside’s new Odd Café delivers a delicious life created by an infusion of tastes, sights and sounds through café culture, comfort food with a twist, new taste explosions, as well as showcasing emerging art and music.”


The other day I was looking for somewhere to have a meeting, catch up and relax while enjoying a tasty meal. I wanted something interesting, fun and different. I was tired of the big super restaurants and coffee shops with their tiny tables, over bearing waiters and generic shop design.

Don’t get me wrong, Mug and Bean, Europa and Primi are great but they lack the warm homely, chic feel that privately owned coffee shops have. They lack the interest of trying something new, not knowing what to expect. The privately owned coffee shop holds a sense of amazement. They can do as they please they do not have the head-office dictating their every move. The privately owned coffee shop is alive and well, and I have found a great one to give a try.

Entrance To Odd Cafe

If you know Greenside well, you may have already passed this little coffee shop, if not you can go to shop 1, 116 Greenway Street, Greenside, and you will find a small eclectic coffee shop called “Odd Café”. This little coffee shop is a combination of color, flavor and sheer wonder. Walking into the shop you are met by a boho chic theme, with black and white checkered flooring, carved walls and exquisite wall paintings (which are all for sale!).

From Back To Front

Upon sitting down you are greeted by a friendly face ready to take your order. I was with a friend and they ordered a simple croissant, and I ordered toasted chicken strips on rye, both very delicious, and rather reasonably priced. Price may seem silly, but it is very important, the other day I went to a local grill and I was charged R380 for a Fillet steak, and it did not taste all that good.

Side View

We also ordered coffees, which were prepared well, and served quickly, and most importantly hot! “Odd Café” has an indoor and a wonderful outside street level area, absolutely stunning. “Odd Café” is also a WiFi Hotspot making your morning coffee more productive and more fun. The vibe and atmosphere of this coffee shop is wonderful and can only be described as bliss.

Back View

Although this review may seem too good to be true it is not, the only negative I can find about “Odd Café” Is that they do not have a lounge area with couches and small coffee tables for relaxing with a group of friends and good food.

Side View

Coffee Bar

Paintings For Sale


To conclude, “Odd Café” is a place were you could relax, get something to eat and take your mind off things. A wonderful destination to connect with friends and enjoy life, it is really worth a try.

My Rating 9/10

For more info you can check out their website at or

 You can follow them on twitter @oddcafe

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One response to “Odd Café

  1. Ledi

    May 20, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    Sounds like a pretty cool place…I’d like to go there sometime… I think, to add to their creative atmosphere, it would be awesome if they had something like an open-mic night


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