“Crazy, Stupid, Love”

02 Nov

At first I was skeptical about going to the movies to watch what some or most might consider a chick flick. However being the nice guy that I am, I went along with to the movie. 

Sitting waiting for the movie to start, several movie trailers played, all seeming fairly interesting or entertaining in one way or another. However sitting quietly waiting, I began to wish that I had chosen a less meaningless movie and opted for a more serious, “deep” movie, however I was greatly mistaken and shocked as to what was about to happen.

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” starts off with us meeting Mr. and Mrs. “X”, we do not know their names neither do we know their back stories, all we can gather is that they are out at a restaurant for dinner. As we continue to watch this couple trying to choose their dessert, we are bombarded with an incredibly absurd reality, she wants a divorce.

As our guy sits there absolutely stunned, we see how this couple, married for 25 years slowly comes to an end.  

Cal and Emily Weaver are a seemingly Normal couple living the American dream, however their intricate relationship has led them to fall out of love and Mrs. Weaver played by Julianne Moore has had an affair.

Mr. Weaver played by Steve Carell in turn is heart broken and devastated by his wife’s actions. On the trip home from the restaurant Cal agrees to move out and make the divorce real for all to see. Although this is what Emily wanted she too seems hurt and filled with regret about her choices. However what’s done was done and the former Mr. and Mrs. Weaver have to accept their fate.

As the movie progresses we find Cal, sitting in a bar, day in and day out getting drunk and losing his ambitions for life. Across the bar sits a very suave, good-looking man named, Jacob Palmer played by Ryan Gosling. Palmer is the man all women hunger for and all men desire to be, he seems to have it all together and knows just the right way to collect women. He sees Cal across the bar and takes pity on him. Palmer turns out to be Cal’s last and final savior.

Jacob persuades Cal into reinventing his look and creates a new and improved, women-catching Cal. Soon Cal is at the top of his game and is collecting women effortlessly all on his own. On the side of all the crazy events, Jacob has fallen for a girl, named Hannah played by Emma Stone, they meet by chance but seem to find something real. As the movie progresses we go through each of the characters emotional experiences with love.  We get to watch each of these characters work through their difficulties and pleasures of love and the stupid things it makes us do. By the end of the movie with a number of weird twists we come to see that true love will hopefully always prevail.

Firstly let me warn all people reading this, that yes, “Crazy, Stupid, Love” is a sappy  romantic love story, but it has more than just the usual weak story line, it brings in some of the realities of  love. Many theories say that we take pleasure in art which  is relative to the viewer, this may be very true for “Crazy, Stupid, Love” whether we like to admit it or not, we are all fools for love, whether  we have messed up or made mistakes or if we are still young and stupid. Love is in our lives and is real, and this movie in some ways captures that emotion and effect that love has on us.

Besides this movie being a sappy love story, it is also an incredibly entertaining movie and I guarantee you will be laughing throughout. The situations and choices these characters make, creates an affinity, which can only result in laughter. If you are looking for a light hearted, fun, movie with a bit more than just stupid clichés “Crazy, Stupid, Love” is for your.

It is also a family orientated movie so yes you can take the children with. Over all I was very pleased with the movie I cannot pin point any major errors, I would however have liked a bit more drama, something to get the tears going, but I was just in that mood.

My Rating 7.9/10

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