Pilates For Children

16 Nov

For all the rich house moms out there, I know its tough, spending all day trying to look for ways to spend your husbands endless bank account, but look no further I have decided to work my hardest at helping you find things to do, and spend your money on.

As a busy over stressed housewife you need a bit of R&R, but in most cases the kids are always around the house, and noise, mess and the inevitable arguments are around every corner, so why not send your children to “Pilates for Children”.

Yes, “Pilates for Children” is an over priced way of getting the young ones out the house, and burning energy. Clicking on the website “Pilates for Children” claims to:

“…Put the fun into fitness, adding adventure and imagination. Our classes become playgrounds of brightly coloured apparatus, allowing your child to explore and achieve on all levels. Promoting awareness, core control and balance, we use concentration as a tool to integrate efficiency, flow, precision and harmony.”

As open minded as I can be, trying to convince me that I need to send my child away for an hour of stretching and breathing at R200 per 60 minutes, just does not make sense.

“Pilates for children” also says that they will increase your child’s, flexibility, confidence, concentration and balance. Although that sounds wonderful, and I am sure that “Pilates for Children” can achieve all that and more, however I think a child could also just play in the garden, with their friends or better with the parents.

Surly the garden is just as fun, and far more imaginative than some

“…Brightly coloured apparatus…”

I don’t want to hinder the company from making money; I simply think that playing in the garden as kids was a big part of our lives growing up. Why would we pay exorbitant hourly rates to have our children do what they could do at their own homes, just play outside? Make mud cakes and imagine elaborate plans to conquer the back garden with a stick as a sword and the trees as ferocious wild enemies, or on a hot day turning on the sprinkler and running around with friends.

Perhaps I am being old fashioned and spoiling the housewife’s dream to send their children to over priced play dates, but I am simply stating the facts. My opinion is only my own, you may choose to use it, or simply throw it away.

My “Tip of Ecstasy”: If you want your kids to have fun, save some cash, invite their friends over and get them to have a “outside day”, were the children have to spend the day outside, from water fights to mud pie master chefs… join them you might just feel like a kid again.

For more info on “Pilates for Children” check out their website:  


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2 responses to “Pilates For Children

  1. Cake Poker Rakeback

    December 7, 2011 at 1:58 am

    Incredible, this article was just a few things i needed. Thank you for posting this.

  2. auto na kredyt

    December 9, 2011 at 10:37 am

    Very worthwhile adding to our feed!


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