Egypt- Land of The Dead

13 Dec


Hello World, I have landed in Cyprus and after the painfully long flight of almost 10 hours, I am over the moon that I am at my destination and I only have to go back toSouth Africa, next year!

Besides the long uncomfortable flight, I opted for the “Stop over package” offered by many airlines, this “Stop Over” is a simple and clever way to save money and see another country on the way to your selected destination.

My destination was Cyprus but with the “Stop Over Package” I stopped over in Egypt for 10 hours, yes it will double your travel time, but for no extra cost you get to see an extra country. I chose Egypt Air for this trip and I will get back to them later, but for now I would like to tell you about Egypt.

Stepping off the airplane, and walking into Cairo international Airport, you are greeted by Egyptian service attendants who will check your passports and send you to the relevant help desk. During the stop over you are given a few options:

Option A: Stay at the airport for the full 10 Hours,

Option B: Go to your hotel and stay there for the full 10 Hours,


Option C: Go to your hotel, have breakfast, and then go on a 3-4 hour tour of Cairo.

This may not be obvious but, option C sounds the best and take it from me it is the best.Cairo is incredibly interesting and worth the tour, by rights the stay over should be 10 days, because Egypt is big, and saturated with things to do and see.

The hotel we went to for breakfast was of poor quality and the breakfast we tried to eat was worse, but none the less served the purpose. At this Point I must admit that I did not care for food, rest or a luxurious hotel, all I could think of was getting to the pyramids. I wanted to see these wonders of the world.

Our tour car came to fetch us from the hotel and we were off. Driving through the streets of Cairo you learn that owning a nice car is a waste of time, as the driving in Cairo has to be the worst in the world, driving on the wrong side of the road is not uncommon.

Our first stop on the tour was the presidential castle of Cairo; this colossal castle stretches over 5 rugby fields, and looks to rise over 12 stories high. Besides the size of this amazing building, the security is unbelievable, while trying to take photos we were chased away and told pictures were not aloud.

Next on our tour was The Nile, this amazing landmark, was highly disappointing, not on the part of the river but rather on the part of the people, the filth of the people has filled the banks of The Nile. Not to mention the hazy smog that covers Cairo, I will attach some pics so you can see the mess that is The Nile.

Not highly impressed by The Nile we were told by our amazing tour guide, Kamal that we were going to the Pyramids. Getting closer and closer the excitement built. Turning into the parking lot of the Pyramid area, you are greeted by many people selling you, poor quality souvenirs, and over priced photographs. Ignoring them is best, and getting to the Pyramids is better.


Seeing these mammoth objects are breath taking, The Pyramids are incredible, on seeing them I fully understood why they have been listed as a wonder of the world. Simply put they are mind blowing, the architecture, the size, the design, and the knowledge that people built this by hand, takes me into a place of speechless.

After viewing the Pyramids, Kamal asks us, if we wanted to go into the Pyramids, without hesitation we were climbing down the shaft of the Pyramids. I felt like an adventurer, like a modern day Indiana Jones. Honestly I must tell you, there is nothing inside the Pyramids, but wow what an adventure, climbing into structures as old as time.

Moving on we began to trek up a mountain, at this point I felt like Kamal might be leading us to be slaughtered at the rock, but luckily I was wrong. Getting to the top of the mountain, Kamal, shows us a full panoramic view of the Pyramids, and sphinx at once, this view is too beautiful for words.

After a few hours with this amazing treasure, we moved on to “Cleopatra’s Perfume Palace”. Calling all women, this is a sight to see and a scent to smell. “Cleopatra’s Perfume Palace”, is a shop and factory, they make and sell, the essence of fragrances. Just one drop is potent enough to make a full bottle of regular perfume. Read more about it at “Cleopatra’s Perfume Palace”.


Reluctantly after our tour we had to go back to the hotel and take a slow ride back to the airport, on the cab ride back I got to thinking, what happened? Why had this great nation of Pyramid building geniuses fallen so hard? What made the land of the dead so famous? And then it hit me, “The Land of The Dead” that’s why we all go to Egypt, not for the people of today, but for the people that had made the country so great thousands of years ago. And what more could we ask for?


Top Tips of Ecstasy for Egypt:

1)      Never drink their water unless its bottled

2)     Do not let anyone sell you something at the Pyramids (You will get ripped off)

3)     Do not give anyone your camera to take a photo (You will have to pay to get your cam back)

4)     Do not get on to a camel (You will have to pay to get off)

5)     Do not get offended by the people, they come off as rude.

6)     And lastly, don’t stress about anything, have a blast and enjoy the adventure.


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