Lil Wayne- Taking South Africa by Storm

22 Dec

American superstar Lil Wayne has rocked the South African chapter of his “I AM STILL MUSIC” tour and gone. And boy were the concerts a huge success, with hoards of fans from all overAfricacoming out to play with the bad boy, Lil Tunechi. Rick Ross and the YMCMB crew held it down and had the crowd mesmerized to the barking (huh) of the Rozay. But it was the prince of hip-hop, Drake’s appearance during Lil Wayne’s performance that got the whole house in a ruckus in Joburg on Saturday night. History was definitely made when according to Drizzy and Weezy: ‘the World’s Greatest Rapper and the Greatest rapper alive’ shared the mic on three tracks on South African soil.


It would be safe to say, the rapper Lil Wayne had a great time, he confessed to Friday night’s crowd in Joburg that: “I wish I could restart my time here in South Africa”.


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2 responses to “Lil Wayne- Taking South Africa by Storm

  1. costa

    January 31, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    Thats cool,so you can smoke dope on stage and not get bust!! no big deal Bob, Peter and the wailers where doing that a long time back. Only kidding , good luck to him.


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