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“Rio” Lazy or Just Another Mindless Movie

Hello Everyone

The other night I went to the movies to go and see DreamWorks new animation “Rio” in 3D. Rio is a story of a blue Macaw named “Blu” (played by Jesse Eisenberg) who is captured in Brazil and shipped to Minnesota. Blu grows up as a perfect house pet, he never learnt how to fly and knows nothing of his birthplace.  He is a proud pet and wishes nothing more than spending his life with his owner Linda (played by Leslie Mann). Unfortunately there are several events, leading Blu and his owner into the heart of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

Through even more strange and unfortunate events Blu gets stolen and lost in Rio and is stuck with the only other Blue Macaw in the world, Jewel (played by Anne Hathaway) the story continues as these two birds go on their journey to get back to their ideal homes. Unfortunately Blu discovers he is less of a pet than he thought and likes the wild just as much.

By the end of the movie the two birds have both changed their viewpoints and feel a special connection between each other. The story is sweet and packed full of humor and laughs, but lacks the depth expected in such an animation.

Jewel and Toucan

Just before “Rio” started there were several movie trailers, one of them being a Pixar trailer. Being an all out animation maniac I was super amped and really very excited to be blown away by Rio. However seeing the Pixar trailer before “Rio” made me compare the two films. Although I am sure this is not fair on “Rio” it is a reality. Pixar specializes in computer-generated animation, and DreamWorks does the same, they are both in the same profession and thus work for the same customer, so why was DreamWorks so lazy.

“Rio” has great graphics, wonderful color and uses 3D to its advantage, however they seem to have run out of steam and forgot to create a memorable story. What I mean by this is simple, “The Wizard of Oz” is memorable, children and adults around the world know and love the 72-year-old movie. I honestly can’t say it could be said for “Rio”. However looking at the Pixar films I see a long nostalgic future for them.

The Wizard Of OZ

Rio seems detached, emotionally, there is no connection to the viewer’s emotion, and you don’t feel much at all. It doesn’t move or compel you to feel a thing. And I am not sure why. DreamWorks is a big company and I am sure they know what they are doing, but I feel like emotion would help people like a film more and thus lead to more popularity and thus more income. However it seems as though DreamWorks couldn’t careless with nostalgic emotional movies. If I look at the other 6 DreamWorks films I see a pattern, laughs and giggles with zero involvement from the viewer, the depth is just not there.

I feel like DreamWorks aims for children only and rather young children too. I bring my 13-year-old sister along to all the animation movies, to give me a different viewpoint. After the movie I asked her what she thought? She replied with “It was nice”. I asked the same question after Rango and she replied with “I loved it, we have to buy the DVD”. Comments like this make me wonder if DreamWorks is moving in the right direction.

Toy Story 3

To help you understand the way I am feeling let me hit you with some numbers, Pixar released “Toy Story 3” in 2010 and made $1.1 Billion. Nickelodeon’s “Rango” Made $230 000 million, “Rio” in comparison raked in a whopping $55 million. So maybe nostalgia and emotional stories pay better, than lazy detached humor?


Movies are something we do as a family and as friends more often, we expect more from a movie than just random humor and basic entertainment value. We want something, which leaves us feeling something. After “Rio” we didn’t feel much more than “nice”, if this is DreamWorks plan I don’t honestly see the point. To conclude “Rio” was a very nice movie, entertaining and simple in design. However if you are over 15 years old, you probably wont enjoy it. I wish I could say something more positive but I cant this is a children’s movie made only for children. If you have children its perfect, if you are any one else rather book a ticket to “Gnome and Juliet”.

Final Rating (as a child): 8/10

Final Rating (as a adult): 4/10


Watch the trailer at and leave your comments, I would love to hear what you think.

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BMW M5 vs. E55 AMG?

Hi Everyone

Today’s post is for all the petrol head, car fanatics out there, it is a very interesting post and by all means highly informative. Are you a Beemer or Benz man? Lets find out.

M5 vs. AMG

Before I start I should give you some background, I am car fanatic, I practically live for cars, if I could afford more I would upgrade in a heartbeat. So when I was given the opportunity to play with these two vehicles I leapt at the change.

I arrived at the dealership, it was warm and the sunshine reflected off the cars in such a way as to make the cars look extra special, however I am sure it was just the excitement of what was about to happen. There in front of me stood two unbelievable beasts, one black and one silver one fast and the other faster. Both had deathly power, both had the power to thrill, and I was most defiantly going to be thrilled.

I stepped up to the silver one first, I walked around the car, as the back of the car slowly came into my vision I saw some silver shimmering letters “AMG” and as I continued to get closer there were more shiny letters “E55”. At this point I must explain that just to contain my joy I had to look the other way. The dealer walked over and handed me the keys, as they touched my hand I help the power of this machine transfer over to my fingers.

E55 AMG Back

I climbed into the front seat; the steering wheel and leather greeted me with class. I slid the key into the ignition and turned. The engine roared to life like a lion in the jungle free, powerful and dangerous. I slowly placed the gear lever to drive and edged this monster out of the lot.

Once I hit the road I fully began to understand what power means. For all of you who are reading this are probably asking why I am making such a big deal? Let me give you the stats. The E55 AMG is a Mercedes Benz with a 5.5L Supercharged engine, it develops 476bhp, does 0-100km/h in 4.7 seconds, and hits a top speed of 310km/h. Now that you are positively jaw dropped, we can get back to the review.

E55 AMG Front

Let me talk about the drive, as this is what is on every readers mind. This car is fast, it is quick and its acceleration troughs’ you into the back of your seat, always, every time, without fail. It has power, which cannot be described in words; only the driver can truly appreciate this power. The E55 is considered a big car, one of the biggest saloon Mercedes Benz’s, however this car feels light. Light like a mini but with all the stability of a tank. It drives like a dream, when I was driving the car, I hit a top speed of 245km/h and I felt like I was doing 120km this car was built well. It handles well and makes you feel safe. I threw it around several corners and it did not even seem fazed by them. This is a beautiful car.


The interior of this car is Merc standard, good enough for a king, although it is the second most expensive range of Merc it feels like you are in paradise, the back seat has enough space to play a small soccer match and the front has enough space to host a soccer match, this car had big people in mind when it was made. The leather and other trimmings are soft strong and tasteful, the dark wood, makes you feel like you are in a car worth driving in, something to be proud of.

Once I had finished having my internal organs reorganized, I got out of the AMG to stepped into a different type of beast, I had heard rumors of this thing they called the V10, and I had heard the whispers of 500bhp, but I did not believe it until I started the engine.


The BMW M5 is by no means a slouch, it is faster, better, stronger, and it makes sure you know this. Once you have placed the key into the slot and pressed the start button the engine comes to life. I though nothing could be more fast than the AMG, and I was right, I drove the M5 and it felt slow, sluggish and rather boring. At this point I felt so disappointed I wanted to take the car back but then the dealer asked me had I pushed the “M” button? The “M” Button what prey tell is this secret button. He pointed out a button with a small “M” on it.

Could a little button make this drag of a car the beast they all speak of? Let me put it this way, when I finished the test drive and climbed out of the car I had to lean against the car for balance I was shaking so badly. That simple little “M” button transformed this car into the 500bhp animal I had heard them speak of.

When you accelerate the sound of the great big engine screams out, and scares all the other cars off the road, this 5L V10 is mind blazingly powerful, it really does have “M Power”! And that “M Power” makes sure that the M5 goes from 0-100km/h in under 4.7 seconds and hits a top speed of 320km/h.


Although this car has the speed of a racing car it by no means feels like a racing car, it has space, maybe not enough to have a soccer match but I would play ping pong in there. It has plenty of legroom and soft luxury leather and wood trims. It is in everyway a soft driving luxury vehicle.

Although it seems as though I love this car more than air, I honestly have to go with the AMG, the BMW is faster and just as comfortable, however it drives like a learner fresh out of driving school, gear change is rough and sports car like, it explodes off the start line slow and steady, and then bang all the power hits you as though you didn’t release the clutch properly, and there isn’t even a clutch on this car.

I also have a problem with the safety, don’t get me wrong this car is safe, very safe. However the AMG is safer, and makes sure you feel safe always. The BMW seems to be more like a reckless teenager with a driver license the AMG feels more like the queen of England with a rocket strapped to her back.

Honestly I have to say, that both these cars are perfect in everyway. The BMW is power mixed with loud overbearing opinions and the AMG is power mixed with calm subtle, control. To say one is better than the other would be a lie. They are both brilliant and I would be super happy with both. But it some how seems to come down to feeling.

One man might get a good feeling from the AMG and the next guy might hate it, although the facts are clear I don’t think these cars are defined by numbers on paper but rather the driver and his machine on an open road.


I look forwards to hearing your comments. You can subscribe for free on my site or you can follow me on Twitter:


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My Top Ten Top List Of Interesting Things


Hello Everyone
This week, weekend and April are going to be filled with fun and interesting things to see, touch, taste and play with. Here is my “Top Ten Top List”. Every once in a while I will compile a top ten list of up and coming things and posts that are still going to happen. Think of this list as a glimpse into the future of my blog, I hope you all like it!

Number 1: Animation

As you might or might not know I am an animation freak, I eat, sleep, and breathe animation. So for all you animation-crazed people, I have made a point to always inform you of the latest animations.

Gnomeo and juliet

Gnomeo and Juliet: This charming animation is a new and fresh take on the time old classic “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare in 3D. It is already out at all cinemas and looks really funny and entertaining for everyone.


HOP: This is not really animation and looks like it was made by the same people who made Alvin and the chipmunks. Regardless of all that, this film is about a bunny rabbit that has more ambition than a regular rabbit should have, and has a dream, a dream to be the lead drummer in a band. He is kicked out of home and is now forced to live with a human, so that he can pursue his dream, this comedy animation is perfect for the whole family with a mix of animation and reality. You can check this film out at cinemas on 1 April 2011.


Rio: When Blu, a domesticated macaw from small-town Minnesota, meets the fiercely independent Jewel, he takes off on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro with this bird of his dreams. This is a DreamWorks film and we are all very excited to see what they have in store for us. You can check out this film in cinemas on 8 April 2011.

Number 2: Taste

Lucky Moo

Lucky Moo “Yum Yum Chinese” Restaurant in Parkhurst. I was driving home from Pretoria the other day and I drove past a funky little Chinese restaurant called “Lucky Moo” I am very interested to go and have lunch there. As soon as I do, you will all hear about it. Look out for review on the 31st March 2011.

Number 3: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

I was terribly sad to hear that our beloved Elizabeth Taylor had passed away. I was overcome with emotion when I learned that it was a simple headline on the radio and barely made it on to local TV news. This motivated me to write my own tribute to her life. In weeks to come I will put together a full tribute to her life and work. Videos, photos, interviews, and more. She was a great woman and will be missed dearly. Coming soon.

Number 4: Elizabeth Taylor and TCM

Although Elizabeth Taylor did not get much recognition in local news, she did however get recognition internationally. In her time she was one of the highest paid actresses, she also holds 2 Oscars and multiple nominations. She was a revolutionary actress and had many breakthroughs. If you loved her work as I did you can watch a tribute to all her films on TCM on the 10th of April. TCM is having a whole day dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor films.

Number 5: Health


“M&M Holistic Wellness Center” is a clinical wellness center, I found them online, and as we all know health is super important. If you know me personally you will know that I suffer with obesity, and I have come to a firm understanding just how dangerous this condition is. So being pro active I have booked an appointment to go and see them, this Thursday; I will let you all know how it goes. Look out for the full story on the 1st April.

Number 6: BMW vs. AMG

For all car fanatics I have done this especially for you. I have tested the BMW V10 M5, and then I tested the E55 AMG Mercedes Benz. All I can say is wow! Read about which one won. Speed, Control and Power. Look out for the full article 30th March 2011.

Number 7: New Jeep

Jeep 2011

Jeep has launched their new Grand Cherokee, I hope to sneak into a dealership and give it a test drive. The second I do you will all here about it. Coming soon!

Number 8: French Toast

French toast

I came across this little restaurant while I was at JHB magistrates court the other day. French toast is an old renovated warehouse and with the antique counters and cabinets really could be in a backstreet of Paris. I am planning a trip for lunch there as soon as my schedule allows.

Number 9: Rolling Stones Top 500

Top 500

I do a Top Ten, Rolling Stones does a “Top 500” this list consists of the best 500 albums of all time, from rock to hip-hop they cover it all. I have made it one of my life goals to own every album on the list. Check it out at:

Number 10: More Graffiti by Mike

Do you remember a few weeks ago we had graffiti by a New Yorker named Mike? Well I was invited by him to come and see some more of his art, in JHB. I am going to have a look on Friday, and I will take some photos and upload them so you can all see.

I hope to hear all your comments and reviews about my Top Ten Posts. You can subscribe for free on my site or you can follow me on Twitter:

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TopGear Top Festival, I Want My Money Back!

Hello Everyone

I must apologize for the awful long wait for a new post; my internet has been down for several days now and has only come to life this morning.

On the 18th of March a few friends and I went to go and see the “Top Gear Festival”, at kyalami racetrack. My friends and I are all big Top Gear fans and we were all very excited to get our tickets and get ready to see the three showmen entertain us.

For those of you who have been dead, or perhaps berried in a volt under the ground for the last hundred years, Top Gear is the ultimate car show ever; it is hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. These three car maniacs are the final word on any car related topic, they are also highly entertaining and in many ways rather humorous. So when we heard that the three musketeers were planning a giant car show in Johannesburg we were over the moon, and leaped into our cars to go and purchase our tickets.

When we arrived at Computicket, and stood in line like all the other Top Gear fans, we came to a very harsh reality, poor people were not afforded the same opportunity as the rest of the fans, the cheapest ticket that was on offer was R350, and the very top tickets were pushing close to R20 000 a ticket! Yes that number is R20 000, I did not make a mistake. So sorry for all the average Joes who did not have an extra R20 000 burning a whole in their pockets, but granted, you could choose the cheap tickets, and being students we did.

With our cheap tickets in hand and smiles on our faces we were all ready for the “Top Gear Festival”. On the day of the Festival we were all super excited and we knew we were in for a good show.

Kyalami was a crazy place to be, there were thousands of people all in one space, we were all here for the same reason, to see the beautiful cars, and enjoy the entertainment. On arrival Kyalami racetrack had been transformed into a Top Gear world, from super cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche, to practical cars like Audi, Mercedes-Bens and BMW. Top Gear had it all; every conceivable car related thing was on show to be seen. The Kyalami racetrack was a smorgasbord of automotive machinery. It was every petrol heads dream.

At this point I should explain the ticket system, if you were poor like me you bought the cheapest ticket and thus received the smallest part of the show, if you chose to sell your kidney, for the R20 000 ticket you received a fair amount more, like eating a five star meal with the three Top Gear hosts, but since I did not sell my kidney and I did not find any one who had bought the top of the line tickets, I will only tell you about the average mans experience of the “Top Gear Festival”.

The “Top Gear Festival” tickets went in ranks; the more you paid the more of the show you got to watch. This made me rather mad, because it does not seem right to make an average show so exclusive, for example you don’t go the theater and only get to see half the performance because you could not afford a good seat. Even in Shakespearean time this was unheard of, peasants didn’t even get chairs they had to stand, but they still got to see the whole show, so why not the Top Gear show?

If you paid for the cheap tickets you got to tour the entire Kyalami racetrack and you got to see some, of the show, so at least you got some, bang from your buck, but let me tell you not much. Please don’t get me wrong the “Top Gear Festival” at the Kyalami racetrack was phenomenal, however the actual show with our three favorite presenters was less than amazing. The actual show seemed far too rushed and it lacked substance, to be perfectly honest the show was less about cars and more about stunts, monster trucks and pyrotechnics. If I wanted to go to the circus to watch clowns I could have done it for a great deal less.

I love cars, I love to learn, drive and test cars, but the Top Gear show didn’t say much about cars, not to mention the length of the show. The actual Top Gear show was terribly short, it seamed as though it was less than an hour. Unless you could upgrade your ticket that’s all you got, a show that had almost nothing to do with cars and a lot to do with mindless loud entertainment.

To finish my review off, the “Top Gear Festival” was truly amazing, highly entertaining and packed full of fun for any car enthusiast, how ever unless you had the money to buy a decent ticket, you didn’t get much, this makes me rather sad, because I am still a big fan of Top Gear, but rather on my TV than in reality. Would I go again next year? Yes, but not because it was a great show, but because I would like to see if they have improved the quality of their live show. I would have liked to leave this review on a positive note, but the restrictions and rankings of the tickets have left a bad taste in my mouth.

If you went to the TopGear Festival, Tell us what you, think. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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Rango! Who Are You?

Hello Everyone

I would like to start this post off by saying WOW! I am super tired and need to find a bed.

From St. Patrick’s Day to Thai Birthday parties to TopGear Festivals right up until Rango, I have had a jam packed weekend and I am going to tell you all about it.

On the 18th of March Nickelodeon Movies released one of their first big animation films, “Rango”.

Nickelodeon Movies

Rango is a pet Chameleon (Played by Johnny Depp) on his way to a new home with his owners, they are traveling across the Nevada Desert when they hit a snag and Rango the chameleon is thrown into the desert to fend for himself. We soon learn that the desert is a tough and harsh place for any animal to live let alone a pet chameleon. We also soon learn that Rango is not the toughest chameleon you have ever met.

Blend In

Rango finds himself in a town called “Dirt”. “Dirt” is a tiny; little hick town, with nothing more than wagons and broken old buildings, this town is falling apart, and is currently stuck in a terrible drought. This small town is very set in its ways and is not partial to a stranger in their town. Regardless of the towns perceptions Rango takes the town as it comes. As the movie progresses we learn that the town is in a drought, not because of nature, but rather because someone wants it to be in a drought.

Depp as Rango

Rango being a creative chameleon makes the decision to be the towns sheriff and dedicates his time to finding out the culprits of this crippling drought. We also learn that Rango is not as though as he says he is and most of the time he is just acting the part, and trying to blend in to what the town wants. He is a chameleon and blending is his natural instinct in more than literal terms too.


I titled this post “Rango Who Are You?” because although Rango was a fun animation it was also a very charming and metaphoric story. As the movie develops we learn that Rango is not who he says he is, he is an impostor, trying to win the hearts of the towns people. And this spoke to me very clearly, are we not all trying to adapt to please the world? Blend in so people will like us or say and do certain things so that we seem like we belong? And so my review for Rango is far more than just a simple movie review but it is complex comment of my life and the way we live it. In Rango the movie a towns women asks Rango the question “Who are you?” and that’s when it hit me, at least once in our lives we are going to be asked that question “Who are we?” and will we be prepared to answer honestly or will simple blend in, to sound good?

In conclusion Rango is a wonderful children’s animation and is designed to entertain most ages, but there is way more to Rango than just a simple children’s movie, it is a comment on live and the people on earth. This is a beautiful movie with a gripping storyline. I would recommend it to child and adult alike. If you are looking for entertainment and a take on life, rush to cinemas and book your tickets now!

I give Rango a 9/10 rating; my only negative for this film is that it was slightly long winded, from all other aspects this was a brilliant movie and I recommend you go and see it soon.

Check out the Trailer on

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St. Patricks Day!

Top of the Mornin to Ya!

Wow what a start to an amazing weekend!

St. Patrick’s Day has become one of my favorite holidays just under Christmas and my Birthday. For all who do not know, St. Patrick was a Christian saint who preached the Christian faith and brought it to Ireland. St. Patrick known by many as St. Paddy, set up many churches in Ireland and ensured the strength of Christianity in Ireland. He was imprisoned in Ireland for 6 years prior to his return and integration of Christianity to Ireland.


St. Paddy also used the Shamrock as a symbol of the Holy Trinity, hence the tradition of wearing green and covering everything in Shamrocks. So let me give you the 411 on St. Patrick’s Day events.

The shamrock

I got St. Patrick’s Day off to an early start, by waking up to an ice cold Guinness, this black frothy beer is Stout, unlike a Larger it is brewed differently. It is very bitter and a rather acquired taste. After getting over my Guinness, I got out all my green clothing and got dressed for a day of celebration. The first place I stopped at was The Linden Irish Club.


The Irish Club has been around for many years since I was a very young lad. They have worked hard to ensure the Irish pride is kept high, and yesterday they achieved their goals. By 10am The Irish Club had set up large white tents, table’s chairs, stages and entertainment areas. The Irish Club had also set up a small area were people could have a mini flea market for most of the morning of St. Patrick’s Day. The actual St. Patrick’s Day festival began at 5pm and then the fun could really begin.


By 7pm the live Irish bands had set up and began to entertain the crowds of people. The Irish Club had created a traditional Irish setting, from the second you stepped into The Irish Club you were greeted by warm, friendly, down to earth people, with big smiles and drafts of Guinness. Once you had taken a seat or found a good place to sit, you could really get into the spirit, by enjoying the delicious food, good music and cold Guinness.


The Irish Club had successfully achieved what they set out to do, create a little Ireland for the community. A ten out of ten effort on owner Mick Desmond’s part.


After my fun at The Irish Club, I headed to the nearest Brazen Head, and wow I was blown away. I knew the Irish were proud of their heritage, but I am sure that South Africans are just as proud too. I went to the Brazen Head near Fourways off William Nicol as I had heard that it was one of the best.


On arrival I was greeted by some friends of mine, who were already far gone into the party, Guinness apparently tastes better with every pint you drink. Once we got into the pub, I was again greeted by multiple people painted or spray painted green. The pub was packed full, and the vibe was alive, the people were friendly and willing to chat and relax with each other, it could have been the fact that majority of the pub was drowning on Guinness, but I would like to believe it was the pride of St. Patrick that pulled us together.


The Brazen Head had created the perfect setting for the traditional Irish Pub; it had the warmth and comfort of an old style pub back in Ireland. It was the perfect ending to a perfect St. Patrick’s Day, or was it?


After enjoying the company of the Brazen Head, I decided to check out Monte Casino in Fourways, apparently they were also enjoying St. Patrick’s Day too. On arrival I was bombarded by a world of green and Shamrock. Monte Casino had created an over the top celebration for the people of JHB, they had leprechauns, music, prizes and a general Irish theme to everything. I did not stay to long, but this support of our dear and beloved St. Patrick warmed my heart. People are still community based and still care about the little things in life.


We live in such a stressful and crime filled country, seeing things like children enjoying a simple family holiday like St. Patrick’s Day, lets me know it is worth fighting for. Driving home from Monte Casino, I drove slow taking in all the beauty of this wonderful day, and at that very moment I knew that was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

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Places to be This Weekend

Hi All

This week running into this weekend is going to be very event filled and choc full of fun for the whole family.


Today(Wednesday 16th March): St. Patrick’s Eve, a day to prepared and get ready for the big celebration of our beloved St. Patrick, buy your hats, scarves and drafts.

Thursday 17th March: ST. Patrick’s Day!!! The Biggest Irish holiday. You can celebrate this day by wearing green and drinking multiple drafts of Guinness Beer. You can find the celebration at any of the Brazen Heads in JHB, or you can go were all the true Irishmen go and that is to The Irish festival at The Irish Club (Cnr Salerno Rd & 5th Ave). This annually, legendary festival starts at 10am and runs until 1am. The festival consists of all Irish food and drink, they have live Irish bands and a collection of fun Irish things to do all day and night. This festival is perfect for all age groups and fun for everyone, Irish or not.

For more details check out:


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Friday 18th March: Rango! Rango is the tale of a chameleon who winds up in a town of dirt, the Nevada desert, and is caught between his true identity and blending in to what the towns people want. This is one of Nickelodeon’s first big animation films and stars the one and only Johnny Depp. We are looking forward to seeing how it turns out, be sure to look out for my full in depth review.


Johnny Depp as Rango

Saturday 19th March: I am going to a traditional Thai Birthday party, i am very excited to try the different foods and meet the interesting people. I will defiantly let you all know how it goes.


Saturday 17th-20th March:  TopGear Festival! This event is one I am truly over the moon about. The TopGear Festival is one of the biggest car related events in South Africa, second only to Formula 1. The TopGear Festival, is a three day long event dedicated to the world of cars. Hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, we can only expect action, speed and power. For all car lovers, this is the place to be. If you have not already bought tickets you can try computicket they may still have a few left.


Richard, Jeremy and James

For more details, and tickets go to:

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