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Lil Wayne “Im Still Music Tour”

The phenomenal response by fans to the announcement that hip-hops biggest selling artist ever, Lil Wayne will perform on African soil for the very first time has created hype and excitement across the country. To accommodate the unprecedented demand for tickets, “Canoc Productions”, promoters of the South African leg of the Lil Wayne worldwide “I Am Still Music Tour” and media partner, “Channel O” today announced an extra 2000 tickets are available for the show at the Coca Cola Dome, Johannesburg on Friday, 9 December 2011. Booking at “Computicket” is open.


Big news from “Canoc Productions” and “Channel O” is their second announcement that six-foot-two, 300-pound Rick Ross – a “hip-hop heavyweight,” as described by the New York Times – will be joining Lil Wayne aka “Weezy F Baby” as the supporting act for the Johannesburg concert only.


Continuing their sensational line-up of firsts “Canoc Productions” and “Channel O” are proud to host from the “Young Money Entertainment stable”, Corey Gunz, Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine (Young Moneys President and life-long friend of Lil Wayne), Shannel, T-Streets and Jae Millz will tour with Lil Wayne, performing at the Bellville Velodrome, Cape Town on Wednesday, 7th December followed by the concert at the Coca Cola Dome, on Friday, 9th and ending at the Wavehouse in Durban on 11th December 2011


Tour Itinerary

Cape Town:  Bellville Velodrome, Wednesday, 7 December 2011, 20h00

Ticket prices: R350, R600


Johannesburg: Coca-Cola Dome, Friday, 9 December 2011, 20h00

Ticket prices: R400, R600, R750


Durban: Wavehouse, Sunday, 11 December,  20h00

Ticket prices: R400 and R750



Tickets available from Computicket,, 0861 915 8000


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Red Rabbit

Did you ever watch the Pixar movie “Ratatouille” the one where there is a master chef rat who becomes famous for his pristine cooking skills? In Ratatouille the thing that makes me the most jealous is the fact that they are in France and they are surrounded by tasty food and good quality restaurants to test, try and review.

I thought in South Africa this might be impossible to find, but I was sorely mistaken, hunting for up and coming restaurants I stumbled across a restaurant called “Red Rabbit”.

“Red Rabbit” is a traditional French Bistro, in the heart of Johannesburg. It will be opening in the month of April 2012 in Nicolway Centre, Bryanston. “Red Rabbit” is run by Thomas Barker, this creative visionary is creating a safe haven of tasty food, good wine and warm atmospheres. We are all dying whilst waiting for the restaurant to eventually open.


The second it has opened I will be in the line waiting for a table. I cannot wait to try their fillets cooked to perfection, I will let you know how it goes.

For more info check out their



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Moshi Moshi Pop Phone Handsets

“Moshi Moshi!!”

Wait, what, im confused. In the Japanese language when answering the phone, you do not say “Hello” but rather “Moshi Moshi”, you may also use “Moshi Moshi” to grab someone’s attention. Now besides the quick Japanese lesson, I would like to show you our gadget of the day. 

“Moshi Moshi” is a retro style telephone, but for use with your mobile devise. Im sure you have seen something like this before and yes, it does the same thing as a home phone but for your cell phone. The difference is that “Moshi Moshi’s” have your health in mind. With all the tree hugging, polar bear saving, free range lunatics out there, it was bound to happen that, yes your smart phones are eating a hole in your head.

At news of hearing about radiation eating my brain I almost walked out the store, but being the dedicated guy I am, I stayed and listened to the man in the store tell me all about the radiation that my Iphone pushes out and that I was in great danger. Beside my self with fear I quickly purchased all the “Moshi Moshi’s” in the store and ran home to check my gamma levels. You know just in case I turn into the Hulk.

Finally getting over the yammering of the sales man, I did in fact give these anti-hulk accessories a try. “Moshi Moshi” is a company that creates a landline for your mobile phone. Simply plug your “Moshi Moshi” into your 3.5mm headphone jack and you are good to go.

The “Moshi Moshi” acts as the ear and mouthpiece, while your phone sits safely in your pocket eating a hole in your leg. The Receiver has an answer button, so when your phone rings simply press the answer button and chat away, knowing that you will not turn into the Hulk.

“Moshi Moshi” also comes in a wireless, and Bluetooth version but I think mixing gamma cells, radiation, and wireless frequencies can only lead to trouble. The General quality and sound of the accessory is very good and they come in a wide range of colours. If you choose the cheaper 3.5mm headphone jack version you could have a “Moshi Moshi” for every day of the week. 


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PolkaDot Art Studio

“PolkaDot Art Studios” is a small company with big ideas. They are a company that specializes in being creative. At this point I am sure you’re thinking, how do people make a living off being creative? And the answer is simple.

“PolkaDot”, have come up with plenty of creative ideas to entertain and build children’s creativity. Through their interactive children’s crafting and art related activities, “PolkaDot” has developed a little world where children can be free to experiment and play around with creativity.

“PolkaDot” specialize in arts and craft for children, they have many art related products and crafting stations around Johannesburg. They believe that creativity is in all of us and that children love having fun. I could not agree more. Creativity is such a precious commodity in our world today.

“PolkaDot” not only does arts and crafts for children but also host birthday parties and has beauty spas for the girls. They also cover other interesting things like balloons, foods, and cute art stores, and at a rather competitive price too.

For more info check out their



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Pilates For Children

For all the rich house moms out there, I know its tough, spending all day trying to look for ways to spend your husbands endless bank account, but look no further I have decided to work my hardest at helping you find things to do, and spend your money on.

As a busy over stressed housewife you need a bit of R&R, but in most cases the kids are always around the house, and noise, mess and the inevitable arguments are around every corner, so why not send your children to “Pilates for Children”.

Yes, “Pilates for Children” is an over priced way of getting the young ones out the house, and burning energy. Clicking on the website “Pilates for Children” claims to:

“…Put the fun into fitness, adding adventure and imagination. Our classes become playgrounds of brightly coloured apparatus, allowing your child to explore and achieve on all levels. Promoting awareness, core control and balance, we use concentration as a tool to integrate efficiency, flow, precision and harmony.”

As open minded as I can be, trying to convince me that I need to send my child away for an hour of stretching and breathing at R200 per 60 minutes, just does not make sense.

“Pilates for children” also says that they will increase your child’s, flexibility, confidence, concentration and balance. Although that sounds wonderful, and I am sure that “Pilates for Children” can achieve all that and more, however I think a child could also just play in the garden, with their friends or better with the parents.

Surly the garden is just as fun, and far more imaginative than some

“…Brightly coloured apparatus…”

I don’t want to hinder the company from making money; I simply think that playing in the garden as kids was a big part of our lives growing up. Why would we pay exorbitant hourly rates to have our children do what they could do at their own homes, just play outside? Make mud cakes and imagine elaborate plans to conquer the back garden with a stick as a sword and the trees as ferocious wild enemies, or on a hot day turning on the sprinkler and running around with friends.

Perhaps I am being old fashioned and spoiling the housewife’s dream to send their children to over priced play dates, but I am simply stating the facts. My opinion is only my own, you may choose to use it, or simply throw it away.

My “Tip of Ecstasy”: If you want your kids to have fun, save some cash, invite their friends over and get them to have a “outside day”, were the children have to spend the day outside, from water fights to mud pie master chefs… join them you might just feel like a kid again.

For more info on “Pilates for Children” check out their website:  


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Come one, come all, for all the addicts, lovers and gluttonous closet eaters. Chocolate has ruled the world since the days of the Mayans, and is still a highly valued commodity in modern society, but I don’t need to tell you that. The evidence is clear and plain to see, with tasty little slices of heaven like “Chocola.J”.

Driving to do my vegetable shopping one Saturday morning I was abruptly halted by the sight of a new shop at Northcliff Galleries. This tiny white shop front, glistening off of Beyers Naude, drew me in, I had to get a closer look, I had to turn my car around and go back.

Collectively achieving a multitude of illegal U-turns I had arrived, I was on the right side of the road and I was turning into the parking lot of “Chocola.J”. Immediately on walking into the shop you are welcomed by warm smiles and petite little shop fittings, I can only describe it as a “Perfect Little Chocolate Box”.

The shop is predominantly whites and soft pale undertones of colour, which work well to achieve an, “at ease” feeling. Besides the cute shop, your senses are over run by the ever present and over whelming smell of chocolate.

At this point I must warn you, this shop is a chocolate paradise, everything and anything your chocolate pallet desires is at your fingertips. From chocolate brownies to chocolate petty fours and full sized chocolate cakes. It is a tasty little wonderland. If you love chocolate and enjoy blissful experience, “Chocola.J” is for you.

My “Tip of Ecstasy” If you do give “Chocola.J” a try (and you should) I suggest you jog home, as to burn off some of those calories, (It’s just too tasty to stop).

“Chocola.J” is at:

Shop 4

Northcliff Galleries

167 Beyers Naude


For more info you can contact them on:

Telephone: 011 782 9050



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Take Care – Album Leak

Some time between Saturday night and Sunday morning, the entirety of Drakes “Take Care” album, the follow-up to his breakout 2010 debut “Thank Me Later”, found its way onto the Internet.

As news of the leak spread, Twitter exploded with chatter about it, and while any artists get extremely rankled when their music gets out prior to the release date (and, of course, for free), Drake himself was pretty casual about it.

Tweeting late last night:

Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it…and take care until next time


The idea of an album leaking is not really a story, after all, pretty much everything leaks, and the timeline for “Take Care” is about right (the release date is next Tuesday, November 15, which means the finished album probably got lifted somewhere along the lines of production).

Drakes casual reaction is the right one. After all, if people had not gone out of their way to leak his album, that probably means people were not interested in the first place. An album leak is something of a validation, and though it may also feel like a backhanded (and bad for business) compliment, it still tells the artist, “You are worth stealing from.”

It will probably cost Drake a bit in album sales, but research shows that for a guy in Drakes position, leaks do not have as negative an impact as you might think — the logic being it is that, people who will download the leak were unlikely to purchase the album in the first place. Plus, considering Drake himself had unleashed no fewer than six of the tracks from “Take Care” himself (including “Crew Love,” which showed up on Saturday on a radio station in Toronto), there was already plenty of Drake music out there for people to take.

In reality, it is a bigger story when albums do not leak. The most famous recent example of that was “Watch the Throne”, Kanye West and Jay-Zs superstar collaboration album. Considering hip-hop records are usually the first in line to leak, the fact that “Watch the Throne” was not available to anybody in its full form until the on-sale date is pretty amazing — and pretty labor intensive.

Sadly, the “Watch the Throne” approach is not easily replicated. Staggering the release was an excellent idea (the album was available to purchase as a download on a Monday, and the physical CD was available on Friday, so during the entire shipping process — where many albums find themselves leaking — the album was available as a paid download), and journalists only got a single listen to it in an isolated space, which meant that there were no dangerous promo copies floating around.

In the lead-up to the release of “Watch the Throne”, the security process was thorough but also prohibitively expensive. Throughout the albums production, West kept control of all the master tracks, and he never let the files out of his sight. If he wanted a producer or an engineer to work on something, West had to be in the room with that person, which often meant that people were flying all over the world just to do a day or two of work on “Watch the Throne”.

When you have a Kanye-sized budget, you can afford to spend thousands on airfare as a way of protecting your work, but West and Jigga are just about the only people with the sort of bankroll who can invest in that sort of protection.

Still, the first part is an excellent idea, and more artists should make their music readily available at download stores just in case the leak occurs. Even if a small percentage of people spend their cash for a download, that is more than what the artist was walking away with before. At the moment, you cannot even pre-order “Take Care” on iTunes, which seems like a bit of a mistake on Drakes camps behalf. But again, it is hard to get riled up about it, especially when you have got Kendrick Lamar on the offensive for you.

Everything leaks. That is the world that we live in now, with high-speed Internet at every turn and armies of hackers looking to one-up one another with their digital discoveries. Getting angry and reactionary only makes you look out of touch.

Drakes music is out there, but he knows that he got to where he is by working hard and establishing a deep rapport with his audience, and that should pay off for him in the long run.

True music fans will support their favorite artists with an album purchase even after they have downloaded the leak, and those who have no intention of paying for music, most likely, never will. 





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