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When I Think Of Food, I think of Creativity Not Eating.

Decadent Cakes by Lin Anderson

Lin Anderson is a lady on a mission to make us love her. With her tasty cup cakes and amazing designs she is slowly but surly building her self a cup cake empire. Mrs Anderson is becoming a well known brand amongst us cup cake lovers, based in West Linn Oregon, Lin has a strong business that prides its self in home made love mixed with gourmet design and flavor. Lin caters to almost any request, from birthdays, to parties, to weddings, she does it all. Her professionalism and dedication to detail will have you coming back for more. To order and check out her amazing work



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Evian Create


Evian the French water company for years has been selling water and now they bring us “Evian Create” this is a collection of designer bottles. Evian has teamed up with some of the most influential designers to create stylish water for double the price. Enjoy!

Jean Paul Catier for Evian


Courreges for Evian


Issey Miyake for Evian


Paul Smith for Evian

Christian Lacroix for Evian Christmas


Lady for EvianEvian 2005Christian Lacroix for Evian Christmas


Christian Lacroix for Evian ChristmasEvian 2005


Evian 2005

For more info, prices and orders goto



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Red Rabbit

Did you ever watch the Pixar movie “Ratatouille” the one where there is a master chef rat who becomes famous for his pristine cooking skills? In Ratatouille the thing that makes me the most jealous is the fact that they are in France and they are surrounded by tasty food and good quality restaurants to test, try and review.

I thought in South Africa this might be impossible to find, but I was sorely mistaken, hunting for up and coming restaurants I stumbled across a restaurant called “Red Rabbit”.

“Red Rabbit” is a traditional French Bistro, in the heart of Johannesburg. It will be opening in the month of April 2012 in Nicolway Centre, Bryanston. “Red Rabbit” is run by Thomas Barker, this creative visionary is creating a safe haven of tasty food, good wine and warm atmospheres. We are all dying whilst waiting for the restaurant to eventually open.


The second it has opened I will be in the line waiting for a table. I cannot wait to try their fillets cooked to perfection, I will let you know how it goes.

For more info check out their



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Come one, come all, for all the addicts, lovers and gluttonous closet eaters. Chocolate has ruled the world since the days of the Mayans, and is still a highly valued commodity in modern society, but I don’t need to tell you that. The evidence is clear and plain to see, with tasty little slices of heaven like “Chocola.J”.

Driving to do my vegetable shopping one Saturday morning I was abruptly halted by the sight of a new shop at Northcliff Galleries. This tiny white shop front, glistening off of Beyers Naude, drew me in, I had to get a closer look, I had to turn my car around and go back.

Collectively achieving a multitude of illegal U-turns I had arrived, I was on the right side of the road and I was turning into the parking lot of “Chocola.J”. Immediately on walking into the shop you are welcomed by warm smiles and petite little shop fittings, I can only describe it as a “Perfect Little Chocolate Box”.

The shop is predominantly whites and soft pale undertones of colour, which work well to achieve an, “at ease” feeling. Besides the cute shop, your senses are over run by the ever present and over whelming smell of chocolate.

At this point I must warn you, this shop is a chocolate paradise, everything and anything your chocolate pallet desires is at your fingertips. From chocolate brownies to chocolate petty fours and full sized chocolate cakes. It is a tasty little wonderland. If you love chocolate and enjoy blissful experience, “Chocola.J” is for you.

My “Tip of Ecstasy” If you do give “Chocola.J” a try (and you should) I suggest you jog home, as to burn off some of those calories, (It’s just too tasty to stop).

“Chocola.J” is at:

Shop 4

Northcliff Galleries

167 Beyers Naude


For more info you can contact them on:

Telephone: 011 782 9050



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