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When Photography Meets Creativity

About 5 or 6 months ago, I received my first Nikon DSLR camera (D5100), it was big black and beautiful. At the time it was daunting just to hold this piece of technology, let alone use it for its designed purpose. However after many hours of messing around and a few YouTube lessons later, I became a “great-amateur” photographer ready to “shoot” everything. Being the “great-amateur” I thought it would be good only to take the camera out when the stage was set for photography, what I now know in hindsight is that life is always set for photography, all you have to do is look for it. Below are a few of my better shots, I hope you enjoy. 


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Decadent Cakes by Lin Anderson

Lin Anderson is a lady on a mission to make us love her. With her tasty cup cakes and amazing designs she is slowly but surly building her self a cup cake empire. Mrs Anderson is becoming a well known brand amongst us cup cake lovers, based in West Linn Oregon, Lin has a strong business that prides its self in home made love mixed with gourmet design and flavor. Lin caters to almost any request, from birthdays, to parties, to weddings, she does it all. Her professionalism and dedication to detail will have you coming back for more. To order and check out her amazing work



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Matt Barnes A Genius Photographer

In light of my new camera and photography obsession, I stumbled across a true creative genius. Matt Barnes is a UK born, Toronto bred photographer who pushes the limits of photography to their most creative and controversial limits. With no relation to the basketball player Matt has paved his way to the big time with his outrageously addictive photos, he has celebrities calling his name.  Below are some of my favorites…

For more of this mans amazing work Goto:


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The Creative Panic


“A little spot for illustrations and other inane piffle that populates my head, my world and hopefully many of the other multi-verses in which I have not been eaten by a shark, died choking on mashed potato or have been born a small teapot circling a distant star.”


The Creative Panic is a 365 day event starting on the 20th January 2011 and ending 19th January 2012.


The idea was to create a new design/drawing/artwork everyday for the next 365 days.









Although the event is almost over you can still check out the designs on the website.


Check it out at


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PolkaDot Art Studio

“PolkaDot Art Studios” is a small company with big ideas. They are a company that specializes in being creative. At this point I am sure you’re thinking, how do people make a living off being creative? And the answer is simple.

“PolkaDot”, have come up with plenty of creative ideas to entertain and build children’s creativity. Through their interactive children’s crafting and art related activities, “PolkaDot” has developed a little world where children can be free to experiment and play around with creativity.

“PolkaDot” specialize in arts and craft for children, they have many art related products and crafting stations around Johannesburg. They believe that creativity is in all of us and that children love having fun. I could not agree more. Creativity is such a precious commodity in our world today.

“PolkaDot” not only does arts and crafts for children but also host birthday parties and has beauty spas for the girls. They also cover other interesting things like balloons, foods, and cute art stores, and at a rather competitive price too.

For more info check out their



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As you well know I am a writer and I am a passionate writer too. I am such a passionate writer that I have Decided to join the “National Novel Writing Month” (aka NaNoWriMo) competition.  

The “NaNoWriMo” is an international novel writing competition. It is held every year over the month of November and is a worldwide sensation amongst all writers around the world.

The competition is held every year in the month of November and is free and open to all people from anywhere in the world aged 13 and up. The rules of the competition are very simple, from 1st November until the 30th November you have to write and complete a 50 000 word novel. This novel can be about absolutely anything that you wish to write, however it must land on or pass 50 000 words.

Once you have completed your novel you will need to upload it to the  “NaNoWriMo” website. You will need to sign up, which is simple and free. Once you have uploaded your novel it is all out of your hands and left to the panel of judges.

Once the judges have chosen their favourite novel the lucky winner will receive a publishing contract with “NaNoWriMo” where their novel will be published and marketed for sale.

Now I am sure most of you are thinking that 50 000 seems rather daunting and realistically how is it possible to write a “good” novel in such a short period of time? Don’t stress, the idea of the competition is not to find the perfect novel, or even the best novel, the people at “NaNoWriMo” are not looking for perfection but rather creativity, the most creative and entertaining novel wins.  Their motto is “Quantity not quality”. 

And for all the scared or over worked writers out there, it’s not so bad, to achieve this amazing feat and complete a novel, all you need to do is sit down every day and knock out about 1600 words, and think about once you are complete, you may not win but hey you would have written an entire novel.

To show my support I have also signed up and I am writing to my heart’s content. Every evening after a full day of work, I complete all the domestic tasks, take a shower and sit down to quickly extract 1600 words of creativity from my brain.  I’m not sure if I will win, but I will definitely feel proud for completing my very own novel.

To keep myself held accountable and to keep all you entertained and inspired I will post small chunks of my novel online, so you can read, comment and enjoy. Maybe ill create a second blog, just for the novel, that might be fun, but for the present moment I will just post it on here.

To sign up, for more rules and to get started goto:

Good luck and happy writing to all. 

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As you may or may not know, I have not been blogging for quiet a while, I blame this lack of creativity and action there of, on a little game us humans like to play, call university. I am a first year BA student at the University of South Africa and I am loving the adventure of expanding, firstly my writing ability and secondly my mind to the world and the way that I look at it.

As I write this very post I sit in the tranquil Mpumalanga wild. I have taken a few days off to get my head right and get all my ducks in a row. I will be telling you more about this wonderful place called Dullstroom in due time, but back to the intention of this post, I was sitting in the lounge of my cosy Dullstroom Lodge, nursing off the flu, when it hit me.

Flicking through the channels on television I came across a Meryl Streep movie titled “Julie & Julia”, at the time I did not know that it was a cooking related movie, neither did I know that it was a “writing” related movie. Either way I was glued to the television screen, enthralled by the wonder that was “Julie & Julia”. Watching Meryl Streep play the part of Julia Child, and watching Amy Adams play the part of Julie Powell, an up and coming writer, I was flooded with streams of clear and pure inspiration.

I had been gone from the writing world for so long that I thought perhaps I had lost my will to write and be inspired, let alone be hit by inspiration, like rays of beaming light. Whether or not I thought I had lost my writing ability, one fact was true I was greatly inspired, and this inspiration didn’t seem to be wearing off.

As I watched “Julie & Julia”, I was captivated by the story of Julie Powell, who’s dream in life was to become a famous writer and change her life from mundane and drab into a colourful and meaning saturated life. Looking at this amazing overlap in dreams I thought perhaps by some mystic power the writing gods had seen me in a state of inspirational low, felt pity and thus sent me this movie. For those of you who know me, I am a struggling up and coming writer and I am a secret master chef deep down. I love to cook and entertain people with my culinary skills, in the kitchen.

Finding out that Julia Child was taking Julie Powell on a writing and cooking journey in her life blew me away. I am sure this movie was secretly written for me, to inspire me to get back into the writing game. Some times as an aesthetics creator it takes a bit of belief, hope, some inspiration and a little magic to push us into the right direction of greatness, “Julie & Julia” did that for me. I’m back, and I can’t wait to blow you away with my amazing new break through.

Now that I’m back in the writing game and full of inspiration and ideas, I plan to show you a new side of me, one with far more depth, insight and fun. I plan to re-invent my posts and make them have a lasting effect on my readers and hopefully the world.

To get this mega change off to a start I would like to tell you about the up and coming posts and the wonderful new look I am going for. I would also like to tell you about the more personal side of me, the side I only wish I could let out in public, but I think I have been enlightened and I wish to give you all I have.

I hope you enjoy the new and improved “Spirit of Ecstasy”. Firstly on our new and improved line up we have our gorgeous new website design. I have teamed up with Boledi Tladi a creative master, to put it lightly and we have created the design you see in front of you. You can check out her blog at

Secondly I have added a few new pages to the website, you will now see a new  “Sound Of Ecstasy” page dedicated to the love and appreciation of all genres of music. From music album reviews to my take on the crazy world of the music industry to remembrance of the golden oldies, I plan to cover everything and anything music related.

As new pages go you will also see a new “Recipes Of Ecstasy” this page as the title explains is a cooking page dedicated to the world of food, culinary wonder and the art of entertaining. With this page I plan to teach you all the brilliant techniques of the kitchen and the pleasure of hosting a gastronomy experience.

While you are enjoying our new website, also take a look at “Places Of Ecstasy”, here we aim to take you on an adventure around our stunning planet. We will be reviewing places on earth that blow us away, from Texas to Timbuktu we plan to take you with us where ever we may go.

On the all-new “Spirit of Ecstasy”, I also wish to excite you with the wonderful new posts that will be developed for your viewing pleasure. I plan to cover, books, cars, movies, food, music, sport, poetry, philosophy, investigations, our beautiful planet and any other breath taking events that come our way.

The journey I am taking is going to be incredible, and it would be remiss of me not to tell you all about it and take you along for the ride, I’m back and I plan to knock you off your feet!

To all my readers I can only give one piece of advice, hold on, it’s going to be an adventure! 


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