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Decadent Cakes by Lin Anderson

Lin Anderson is a lady on a mission to make us love her. With her tasty cup cakes and amazing designs she is slowly but surly building her self a cup cake empire. Mrs Anderson is becoming a well known brand amongst us cup cake lovers, based in West Linn Oregon, Lin has a strong business that prides its self in home made love mixed with gourmet design and flavor. Lin caters to almost any request, from birthdays, to parties, to weddings, she does it all. Her professionalism and dedication to detail will have you coming back for more. To order and check out her amazing work



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Evian Create


Evian the French water company for years has been selling water and now they bring us “Evian Create” this is a collection of designer bottles. Evian has teamed up with some of the most influential designers to create stylish water for double the price. Enjoy!

Jean Paul Catier for Evian


Courreges for Evian


Issey Miyake for Evian


Paul Smith for Evian

Christian Lacroix for Evian Christmas


Lady for EvianEvian 2005Christian Lacroix for Evian Christmas


Christian Lacroix for Evian ChristmasEvian 2005


Evian 2005

For more info, prices and orders goto



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Egypt- Land of The Dead


Hello World, I have landed in Cyprus and after the painfully long flight of almost 10 hours, I am over the moon that I am at my destination and I only have to go back toSouth Africa, next year!

Besides the long uncomfortable flight, I opted for the “Stop over package” offered by many airlines, this “Stop Over” is a simple and clever way to save money and see another country on the way to your selected destination.

My destination was Cyprus but with the “Stop Over Package” I stopped over in Egypt for 10 hours, yes it will double your travel time, but for no extra cost you get to see an extra country. I chose Egypt Air for this trip and I will get back to them later, but for now I would like to tell you about Egypt.

Stepping off the airplane, and walking into Cairo international Airport, you are greeted by Egyptian service attendants who will check your passports and send you to the relevant help desk. During the stop over you are given a few options:

Option A: Stay at the airport for the full 10 Hours,

Option B: Go to your hotel and stay there for the full 10 Hours,


Option C: Go to your hotel, have breakfast, and then go on a 3-4 hour tour of Cairo.

This may not be obvious but, option C sounds the best and take it from me it is the best.Cairo is incredibly interesting and worth the tour, by rights the stay over should be 10 days, because Egypt is big, and saturated with things to do and see.

The hotel we went to for breakfast was of poor quality and the breakfast we tried to eat was worse, but none the less served the purpose. At this Point I must admit that I did not care for food, rest or a luxurious hotel, all I could think of was getting to the pyramids. I wanted to see these wonders of the world.

Our tour car came to fetch us from the hotel and we were off. Driving through the streets of Cairo you learn that owning a nice car is a waste of time, as the driving in Cairo has to be the worst in the world, driving on the wrong side of the road is not uncommon.

Our first stop on the tour was the presidential castle of Cairo; this colossal castle stretches over 5 rugby fields, and looks to rise over 12 stories high. Besides the size of this amazing building, the security is unbelievable, while trying to take photos we were chased away and told pictures were not aloud.

Next on our tour was The Nile, this amazing landmark, was highly disappointing, not on the part of the river but rather on the part of the people, the filth of the people has filled the banks of The Nile. Not to mention the hazy smog that covers Cairo, I will attach some pics so you can see the mess that is The Nile.

Not highly impressed by The Nile we were told by our amazing tour guide, Kamal that we were going to the Pyramids. Getting closer and closer the excitement built. Turning into the parking lot of the Pyramid area, you are greeted by many people selling you, poor quality souvenirs, and over priced photographs. Ignoring them is best, and getting to the Pyramids is better.


Seeing these mammoth objects are breath taking, The Pyramids are incredible, on seeing them I fully understood why they have been listed as a wonder of the world. Simply put they are mind blowing, the architecture, the size, the design, and the knowledge that people built this by hand, takes me into a place of speechless.

After viewing the Pyramids, Kamal asks us, if we wanted to go into the Pyramids, without hesitation we were climbing down the shaft of the Pyramids. I felt like an adventurer, like a modern day Indiana Jones. Honestly I must tell you, there is nothing inside the Pyramids, but wow what an adventure, climbing into structures as old as time.

Moving on we began to trek up a mountain, at this point I felt like Kamal might be leading us to be slaughtered at the rock, but luckily I was wrong. Getting to the top of the mountain, Kamal, shows us a full panoramic view of the Pyramids, and sphinx at once, this view is too beautiful for words.

After a few hours with this amazing treasure, we moved on to “Cleopatra’s Perfume Palace”. Calling all women, this is a sight to see and a scent to smell. “Cleopatra’s Perfume Palace”, is a shop and factory, they make and sell, the essence of fragrances. Just one drop is potent enough to make a full bottle of regular perfume. Read more about it at “Cleopatra’s Perfume Palace”.


Reluctantly after our tour we had to go back to the hotel and take a slow ride back to the airport, on the cab ride back I got to thinking, what happened? Why had this great nation of Pyramid building geniuses fallen so hard? What made the land of the dead so famous? And then it hit me, “The Land of The Dead” that’s why we all go to Egypt, not for the people of today, but for the people that had made the country so great thousands of years ago. And what more could we ask for?


Top Tips of Ecstasy for Egypt:

1)      Never drink their water unless its bottled

2)     Do not let anyone sell you something at the Pyramids (You will get ripped off)

3)     Do not give anyone your camera to take a photo (You will have to pay to get your cam back)

4)     Do not get on to a camel (You will have to pay to get off)

5)     Do not get offended by the people, they come off as rude.

6)     And lastly, don’t stress about anything, have a blast and enjoy the adventure.


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GoodBye and Fair Well See You Soon

For everyone who does not yet know, I have planned a small 2 month trip to Cyprus. Cyprus is a tiny European island, in the Mediterranean. I will be departing on the 4th December 2011 and I will come back to South Africa on the 27th January 2012.

On my adventure I shall be taking you all along with me. So hold on as we tour Cyprus like never before. I also have just purchased a brand new Nikon D5100 DSLR Camera. So you can expect HD Images of our adventure!!


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Red Rabbit

Did you ever watch the Pixar movie “Ratatouille” the one where there is a master chef rat who becomes famous for his pristine cooking skills? In Ratatouille the thing that makes me the most jealous is the fact that they are in France and they are surrounded by tasty food and good quality restaurants to test, try and review.

I thought in South Africa this might be impossible to find, but I was sorely mistaken, hunting for up and coming restaurants I stumbled across a restaurant called “Red Rabbit”.

“Red Rabbit” is a traditional French Bistro, in the heart of Johannesburg. It will be opening in the month of April 2012 in Nicolway Centre, Bryanston. “Red Rabbit” is run by Thomas Barker, this creative visionary is creating a safe haven of tasty food, good wine and warm atmospheres. We are all dying whilst waiting for the restaurant to eventually open.


The second it has opened I will be in the line waiting for a table. I cannot wait to try their fillets cooked to perfection, I will let you know how it goes.

For more info check out their



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Come one, come all, for all the addicts, lovers and gluttonous closet eaters. Chocolate has ruled the world since the days of the Mayans, and is still a highly valued commodity in modern society, but I don’t need to tell you that. The evidence is clear and plain to see, with tasty little slices of heaven like “Chocola.J”.

Driving to do my vegetable shopping one Saturday morning I was abruptly halted by the sight of a new shop at Northcliff Galleries. This tiny white shop front, glistening off of Beyers Naude, drew me in, I had to get a closer look, I had to turn my car around and go back.

Collectively achieving a multitude of illegal U-turns I had arrived, I was on the right side of the road and I was turning into the parking lot of “Chocola.J”. Immediately on walking into the shop you are welcomed by warm smiles and petite little shop fittings, I can only describe it as a “Perfect Little Chocolate Box”.

The shop is predominantly whites and soft pale undertones of colour, which work well to achieve an, “at ease” feeling. Besides the cute shop, your senses are over run by the ever present and over whelming smell of chocolate.

At this point I must warn you, this shop is a chocolate paradise, everything and anything your chocolate pallet desires is at your fingertips. From chocolate brownies to chocolate petty fours and full sized chocolate cakes. It is a tasty little wonderland. If you love chocolate and enjoy blissful experience, “Chocola.J” is for you.

My “Tip of Ecstasy” If you do give “Chocola.J” a try (and you should) I suggest you jog home, as to burn off some of those calories, (It’s just too tasty to stop).

“Chocola.J” is at:

Shop 4

Northcliff Galleries

167 Beyers Naude


For more info you can contact them on:

Telephone: 011 782 9050



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As you may or may not know, I have not been blogging for quiet a while, I blame this lack of creativity and action there of, on a little game us humans like to play, call university. I am a first year BA student at the University of South Africa and I am loving the adventure of expanding, firstly my writing ability and secondly my mind to the world and the way that I look at it.

As I write this very post I sit in the tranquil Mpumalanga wild. I have taken a few days off to get my head right and get all my ducks in a row. I will be telling you more about this wonderful place called Dullstroom in due time, but back to the intention of this post, I was sitting in the lounge of my cosy Dullstroom Lodge, nursing off the flu, when it hit me.

Flicking through the channels on television I came across a Meryl Streep movie titled “Julie & Julia”, at the time I did not know that it was a cooking related movie, neither did I know that it was a “writing” related movie. Either way I was glued to the television screen, enthralled by the wonder that was “Julie & Julia”. Watching Meryl Streep play the part of Julia Child, and watching Amy Adams play the part of Julie Powell, an up and coming writer, I was flooded with streams of clear and pure inspiration.

I had been gone from the writing world for so long that I thought perhaps I had lost my will to write and be inspired, let alone be hit by inspiration, like rays of beaming light. Whether or not I thought I had lost my writing ability, one fact was true I was greatly inspired, and this inspiration didn’t seem to be wearing off.

As I watched “Julie & Julia”, I was captivated by the story of Julie Powell, who’s dream in life was to become a famous writer and change her life from mundane and drab into a colourful and meaning saturated life. Looking at this amazing overlap in dreams I thought perhaps by some mystic power the writing gods had seen me in a state of inspirational low, felt pity and thus sent me this movie. For those of you who know me, I am a struggling up and coming writer and I am a secret master chef deep down. I love to cook and entertain people with my culinary skills, in the kitchen.

Finding out that Julia Child was taking Julie Powell on a writing and cooking journey in her life blew me away. I am sure this movie was secretly written for me, to inspire me to get back into the writing game. Some times as an aesthetics creator it takes a bit of belief, hope, some inspiration and a little magic to push us into the right direction of greatness, “Julie & Julia” did that for me. I’m back, and I can’t wait to blow you away with my amazing new break through.

Now that I’m back in the writing game and full of inspiration and ideas, I plan to show you a new side of me, one with far more depth, insight and fun. I plan to re-invent my posts and make them have a lasting effect on my readers and hopefully the world.

To get this mega change off to a start I would like to tell you about the up and coming posts and the wonderful new look I am going for. I would also like to tell you about the more personal side of me, the side I only wish I could let out in public, but I think I have been enlightened and I wish to give you all I have.

I hope you enjoy the new and improved “Spirit of Ecstasy”. Firstly on our new and improved line up we have our gorgeous new website design. I have teamed up with Boledi Tladi a creative master, to put it lightly and we have created the design you see in front of you. You can check out her blog at

Secondly I have added a few new pages to the website, you will now see a new  “Sound Of Ecstasy” page dedicated to the love and appreciation of all genres of music. From music album reviews to my take on the crazy world of the music industry to remembrance of the golden oldies, I plan to cover everything and anything music related.

As new pages go you will also see a new “Recipes Of Ecstasy” this page as the title explains is a cooking page dedicated to the world of food, culinary wonder and the art of entertaining. With this page I plan to teach you all the brilliant techniques of the kitchen and the pleasure of hosting a gastronomy experience.

While you are enjoying our new website, also take a look at “Places Of Ecstasy”, here we aim to take you on an adventure around our stunning planet. We will be reviewing places on earth that blow us away, from Texas to Timbuktu we plan to take you with us where ever we may go.

On the all-new “Spirit of Ecstasy”, I also wish to excite you with the wonderful new posts that will be developed for your viewing pleasure. I plan to cover, books, cars, movies, food, music, sport, poetry, philosophy, investigations, our beautiful planet and any other breath taking events that come our way.

The journey I am taking is going to be incredible, and it would be remiss of me not to tell you all about it and take you along for the ride, I’m back and I plan to knock you off your feet!

To all my readers I can only give one piece of advice, hold on, it’s going to be an adventure! 


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