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When Photography Meets Creativity

About 5 or 6 months ago, I received my first Nikon DSLR camera (D5100), it was big black and beautiful. At the time it was daunting just to hold this piece of technology, let alone use it for its designed purpose. However after many hours of messing around and a few YouTube lessons later, I became a “great-amateur” photographer ready to “shoot” everything. Being the “great-amateur” I thought it would be good only to take the camera out when the stage was set for photography, what I now know in hindsight is that life is always set for photography, all you have to do is look for it. Below are a few of my better shots, I hope you enjoy. 


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Matt Barnes A Genius Photographer

In light of my new camera and photography obsession, I stumbled across a true creative genius. Matt Barnes is a UK born, Toronto bred photographer who pushes the limits of photography to their most creative and controversial limits. With no relation to the basketball player Matt has paved his way to the big time with his outrageously addictive photos, he has celebrities calling his name.  Below are some of my favorites…

For more of this mans amazing work Goto:


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Have you heard of “The Fro?” Probably not.

Recently I bought the New Nikon D5100, This powerful camera with 16.2 Megapixels, full HD 1080p video recording and a cool 3 inch swivel screen, making photography really easy.

Beside the fact that this Nikon does an amazing job, there are some problems like the fact that I hardly know how to use it. At this point I’m sure your thinking, “Why not read the user manual?”

Firstly: I never read a user manual.

And Secondly: I left it in South Africa and I’m in Europe.

So being the ingenuous guy I am, I turned to my dear friend Google and began hunting for some way to better use my new and powerful camera. Hunting for a few minutes I found my self tangled in YouTube watching videos all about the photography world.

After watching 10 or so videos I landed on “The Fro”. The Fro is a young guy who is incredibly passionate about photography. Jared Polin is his name and he has dedicated his life to photography and the development of people’s skills in the photography game.

Jared is smart, and really knows his stuff, his catch line “I Shoot RAW” has got us all thinking about our own photography skills and how we can personally improve. He runs a fully functional website and YouTube channel, not to mention that he is a professional photographer for weddings, sporting events and anything else you want him to shoot.

If you wish to improve your photography skills fast and effectively, I recommend “The Fro” because “The Fro Knows Photos”.


To get more info check out his website at:

or for great videos subscribe to his YouTube channel at:


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